Find a roommate in Calgary

Find a roommate in Calgary

Roommates Calgary helps connect Calgarians in shared accommodation. We provide rental listings (roommate wanted ads and room for rent ads) from various sources, and break them down by category for easy browsing.

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Calgary Rental Rate Statistics

You're looking to rent an apartment in Calgary, but how much is rent? If you're looking to share a 2 bedroom apartment in Calgary, you'll be paying somewhere between $600 and $700 per month, on average. Downtown Calgary tends to be more expensive rent. For full details, view our Calgary rental rate stats, broken out by apartment type.

Where in Calgary do you want to live?

Geographically, Calgary is typically referred to in quadrants: NE, NW, SE, SW. Many people searching for a place to live include these parameters in their searches.

So, what is the typical makeup of each quadrant?

  • Northeast: Home to Calgary International Airport and many industrial parks, Northeast Calgary is mostly blue-collar and considered the most multicultural of the quadrants. Crime tends to be higher in this quadrant compared to the others.
  • Northwest: Home of the University of Calgary and SAIT, Northwest Calgary features great parks and easy access to the mountains.
  • Southeast: Southeast Calgary is a mix of some of the oldest neighbourhoods in the city and some of the newest. Similarly contrasting, there is a large industrial park and a provincial park in this quadrant.
  • Southwest: Southwest Calgary is the wealthiest of the quadrants, with high-end shopping and golf courses being part of the makeup.

Living in Calgary

Some say renting an apartment in Calgary is fairly expensive. What they don't usually consider is that wages in Calgary (especially those tied to the oil sector) are above average compared to other cities in Canada. Also, taxes tend to be less -- helped in part by there being no sales tax in the province of Alberta. Need a job? Calgary has a fairly low unemployment rate as well.

That said, a lot of this depends on oil prices. A drop in oil prices can have an effect on many of the points made above, with one being that the vacancy rate may increase - allowing for cheaper rental opportunities. The city is slowly diversifying, however, with other sectors such as technology becoming more prominent. Overall, however, Calgary is consistently ranked as one of the most livable cities in the world.